For Years, She Has Been Watching Her Youngest Daughter’s Dogs, But Now She Told Her She Can’t Do That Because Her Oldest Daughter Wants Her To Babysit But Doesn’t Want The Dogs Anywhere Near The Baby

annaav - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dogs

It’s amazing to have family members around that are willing to help us take care of things as we get older. 

One woman has been a dedicated mother to both of her daughters, who are all grown up but still need her help occasionally. 

“They are both great kids that are successful and accomplished, and I couldn’t be more proud,” she said. 

Her daughters both live near her but live very different lives. The eldest is 28, is married, and has a three-month-old baby. The youngest is 25 and travels a lot for work. 

For the last three years, she’s been watching her youngest daughter’s two dogs whenever she travels.

Before her daughter takes off, she drops the dogs off at her house, and they typically stay with her for three days. 

However, those plans may change. 

Her eldest daughter has been on maternity leave since having her baby but is preparing to return to work.

She was asked if she’d like to take care of the baby during the day while her daughter and her husband are working. Wanting to spend more time with her new grandson, she said yes.

annaav – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dogs

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