For Years, She Has Been Watching Her Youngest Daughter’s Dogs, But Now She Told Her She Can’t Do That Because Her Oldest Daughter Wants Her To Babysit But Doesn’t Want The Dogs Anywhere Near The Baby

“We recently had a sit down about watching him,” she explained.

“My daughter and [her] husband gave me a list of rules. One they stressed was no animals around the baby. That one was a bit of a surprise and conflicts with the needs of my other daughter.”

When she asked her daughter why there couldn’t be any animals around the baby, she said it was for safety reasons. Therefore, she had to tell her younger daughter she couldn’t watch her dogs anymore. 

“She did not take that news well and flipped out,” she recalled.

Her daughter told her it wasn’t fair of her to suddenly stop being able to watch the dogs and that having to hire a different dog sitter would be hard on her financially. 

She offered to check in on the dogs in the evening whenever her daughter was away, but that wasn’t good enough. The dogs need to stay with someone when she’s gone, and her older daughter won’t budge on her animal rule.

Now, her younger daughter hasn’t spoken to her or her sister over the last week. 

Is she being unreasonable, or is her younger daughter overreacting?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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