He Called His Cousin An “Entitled Parent” For Always Trying To Get Him And The Rest Of Their Family Members To Babysit For Free

sepy - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Parents come in all shapes and sizes. They each have their own sets of rules and their own ways of running things in their households.

Although many of us would like to live through life with a “to each his own” mindset, people often get into debates about their different parenting styles and routines. 

One man recently got into an argument with his younger cousin after pointing out that he was very entitled as a parent.

He’s 41, and his cousin is a 28-year-old father with two five-year-old twins. The twins are most definitely a handful, which is something that many of their family members have experienced firsthand. 

This is because they are always asked to babysit the twins.

“He believes that family should provide free babysitting and that he and his wife should get at least one day off a week,” he explained. 

His cousin says that he and his wife are often “stressed and overwhelmed” by their children. He understands why considering they aren’t the most well-behaved and don’t receive much discipline from their parents. 

Their family is really starting to get tired of having to babysit the intense twins. Whenever they’ve tried to say no and set a boundary, his cousin whines. 

He recently had to put his foot down at a family gathering when his cousin asked if he could watch the twins that weekend.

sepy – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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