He Called His Girlfriend Selfish And Lazy After She Refused To Learn Sign Language In Order To Communicate With His Daughter

kleberpicui - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

This man has a 12-year-old daughter named Ruby, who was born mute. So, even though she can understand words, he and his daughter typically communicate using sign language.

“While she can use her phone or write, she obviously prefers to sign,” he said.

About nine months ago, though, he started dating his girlfriend, Amanda. She had her own daughter named Mia, too, who is 7-years-old. So, about three months ago, he and Amanda decided to introduce their daughters.

The largest issue was that neither Amanda nor Mia knew sign language– which made communicating with his daughter a bit awkward at first. Apparently, Ruby hates having to use her phone or write to communicate while at home.

So, this pushed him to teach Amanda a few basic signs before the initial meeting. Afterward, he also continued teaching both his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s daughter, Mia.

“Mia is getting a lot better, actually,” he added.

More recently, though, Amanda decided that sign language was just too hard and refused to keep learning anymore.

His girlfriend also claimed that it was “unnecessary” for her to learn since Ruby can understand and communicate with her in other ways.

While Ruby is able and usually willing to do that for Amanda and Mia, though, she really does not enjoy it. Instead, his daughter actually just finds it quite frustrating.

kleberpicui – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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