He Called His Girlfriend Selfish And Lazy After She Refused To Learn Sign Language In Order To Communicate With His Daughter

So, after Amanda told him that, he wound up calling her selfish and lazy. He also claimed it was completely unfair of her to place all the effort on Ruby.

After all, he believes it is one thing if his girlfriend tries to learn sign language and never gets it after years.

But she has only been learning signs for a few months– so he thinks it is ridiculous for her to give up already.

If you could not have guessed it, though, their opposing opinions ended up sparking a massive fight between them.

During the argument, his girlfriend also accused him of being a jerk and claimed it was not her fault that she struggled with sign language.

“But that doesn’t mean just give up. If she wants to be in our lives, it is the bare minimum effort to put in,” he vented.

Anyway, after this incident, he went to confide in his brother about the situation. He explained how he really believes Amanda is being selfish; meanwhile, his girlfriend thinks he is being totally unfair.

To his complete surprise, though, his brother actually agreed with Amanda.

Apparently, his brother claimed that he could not force his girlfriend to learn and said that not everyone was good with languages.

Finally, his brother even told him that Ruby did not need his girlfriend to learn and actually accused him of “coddling” his daughter.

Even after hearing his brother’s perspective, though, he is still pretty upset with Amanda. Normally, his girlfriend is kind and thoughtful– and he thought she would view his expectation as reasonable.

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