He Inherited A Beach House And Allowed His Son To Live There Rent-Free, But As Soon As He Found Out That His Son’s Girlfriend Was Living There Too And Making $65,000 A Year, He Decided To Charge His Son Rent

“I told my son that he wants to stay in that house, then he needs to start paying $2,000 a month. That shouldn’t be a stretch for him and his “rich” girlfriend.”

His son accused him of being mean, but he said that he has no interest in essentially subsidizing his girlfriend’s student loan payments and rent, so he needs to begin paying rent next month.

He and his son kept arguing, and he tried to get his son to see that he’s only looking out for his and his son’s best interests financially. He is worried that maybe his son’s girlfriend will walk away and end the relationship after she does pay off her student loan debt.

Also, his son’s girlfriend is living rent-free on essentially his “dime.” His son argued back that he isn’t making any money off the house, and he reminded his son that he could sell it or rent it and make money, but instead, he’s trying to help him.

“You and your girlfriend are literally taking money away from me and your younger brothers so she can pay her debts,” he said. “I told him to think about it and get back to me. My expectation was that he’d apologize, agree to pay rent, and offer to make amends.”

Well, his son has not said sorry and has instead called him names. If his son and his son’s girlfriend were super appreciative of getting to live in his beach house without paying rent, he probably wouldn’t be asking them for money.

But his son and his son’s girlfriend aren’t grateful, so he’s no longer willing to be so helpful.

He’s left wondering if it is mean of him to expect his son to pay him rent to live in the house going forward.

What do you think?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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