He Kicked His Mom Out Of His House After Another Instance Of Her Treating His Stepson In A Nasty And Negative Way

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Growing up, did your grandparents ever treat you differently from other family members like your siblings or cousins?

One man is reeling after getting fed up with his parents treating his stepsons differently than his biological children. 

He’s part of a blended family, as his wife has two teenage sons from a previous marriage, he has two daughters from a previous marriage, and they have an almost two-year-old son. 

“All our kids get along well, and we have a good relationship with each other’s children,” he said. 

However, there’s been an ongoing issue with his parents. They are not nearly as loving towards his two teenage stepsons as the rest of his kids. 

He explained that there have been a bunch of instances that have added up and shown him that they don’t appreciate his stepsons enough.

For instance, they never give the two sons any birthday presents and hardly give them anything at Christmas. 

He noted that his dad has made more effort than his mom. For example, his dad recently went with him and his stepsons to a football game. They had a great time. However, his mom’s most recent visit went terribly.

She stayed over at the house for his daughter’s 10th birthday recently. She slept in his eldest stepson’s bedroom but never once thanked him for letting her use the space.

mimagephotos – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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