He Labeled His Sister A Terrible Parent When She Revealed Her Baby’s Name To Him

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This man’s parents gave him a female name at birth, so he really feels for kids whose parents give them unconventional names.

His name is along the lines of something like “Alice,” and his parents’ decision to name him something feminine has impacted his life in an incredibly negative way.

“My parents are hippies and gave their oldest son a girl’s name to “stick it to the man,” and I will never forgive them for it,” he explained.

“That name caused me to be bullied and damaged my professional life in ways I cannot describe.”

Now, his sister is currently pregnant, and this will be her very first child. His sister is having a girl, and she and her husband are overjoyed at this news.

Unfortunately, he thinks his sister is going down the same route as his parents by using her baby’s name as a fashionable statement.

Over the weekend, his sister told him and the rest of their family what she is planning on naming her baby girl, and he can’t deal.

His sister picked out the name Krxstxl for her baby, and when she informed him of the name, he questioned her on if it was pronounced the same way as Crystal.

Apparently, his sister’s baby name is pronounced the same way as that more conventional name, but it bothers him so much that his sister is signing her daughter up to experience the same struggles that he has encountered with an unconventional name.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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