He Lied To One Of His Best Friends About Growing Up Super Rich, But Then His Best Friend Found Out And Was Very Upset

They went to private school together as kids, and Paul told David that he couldn’t believe someone like him was working at their law firm. Their conversation threw David off, as he thought he already knew everything about his best friend.

After talking with Paul, David pressed him to tell the truth about his past. Once he told him everything, David was very upset.

On a personal level, David is embarrassed that he never knew he grew up with the money, especially because there had been times he had complained to him about his financial struggles.

Then, on a professional level, David was upset because he felt unqualified for not knowing everything about his coworker.

He apologized to David but felt like he didn’t have much to apologize for.

“I don’t feel like I owe anyone my past, and I was clear that had Paul not walked into the office that day, I never would have told David anything at all,” he said.

Do you think it’s reasonable for David to be upset, or should his friend’s history not matter?

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