He Was Accused Of Attempting To Resell A Fake Birkin Bag, And He Confessed It Was Because Someone Tricked Him Into Thinking It Was Real And Not A Counterfeit

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On TikTok, there are different communities for practically every subject you can think of. So, of course, there is a space for creators with a passion for luxury items to share their knowledge and expertise with those who are interested.

Recently, a rumor has swept through the luxury goods community on TikTok involving one well-known creator named Alex Pardoe.

Like many others, TikToker Alex Pardoe (@birkintrash) is captivated by the luxury brand Hermes. He frequently talks about Birkin bags on his page and conducts unboxing videos of brand-name items.

It all started when an account on Instagram called The Fake Birkin Slayer called Alex out for attempting to resell Birkin bags that he knew were fake.

Of course, this led to Alex addressing the accusation in a video posted to TikTok on February 12. In the clip, Alex briefly mentioned he was currently on vacation. Then, he explained that he had been collecting pre-owned Hermes pieces for ten years.

During that time, he has been sold inauthentic items. He admitted that it was his own fault he fell for dishonest sellers because he didn’t do the extensive research required to ensure a bag was not a counterfeit.

Once he realized he had been sold a fake, Alex would try to work something out with the sellers, which proved unsuccessful more times than most.

Unfortunately, if you’ve been sold a counterfeit bag, it’s pretty much impossible to return it. So that left Alex with no other choice but to try and get rid of them.

“At this point in my life, I do not support unauthentic bags because of the forced labor that goes into making the bags. So my advice is only buy from trusted sellers,” Alex concluded.

Theerachai – – illustrative purposes only

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