Her 24-Year-Old Boyfriend Started Rapping, And She Finds His Music Both Cringy And Very Disrespectful, So She’s Having Trouble Being Supportive

After hearing that, her first thought was to jokingly ask if her boyfriend had mentioned another girl again in the lyrics. Rather than finding her teasing funny, though, he actually became very upset.

Her boyfriend claimed that he was actually really excited to share his music with her, yet he felt like her response was negative. He also admitted to how he wants to take music seriously and claimed he was really trying.

She was seriously shocked by this, though, and told her boyfriend that she had no idea he was so passionate about music. She also apologized for not reacting in a better way.

Rather than the argument dying down, though, her boyfriend decided to kick it up a notch.

More specifically, he apparently started ranting about how he should be allowed to rap about anything he wants.

She even agreed, too, but asked why her boyfriend would even want to rap about other women instead of her.

“I was also caught off guard because I assumed my relentless teasing last time he did it gave him the message that it wasn’t cool,” she explained.

“I had been under the impression that when I jokingly asked, ‘Did you mention another girl again?’ that he would joke back or say something like, ‘Nah, I learned my lesson the first time, haha.”

Obviously, though, that did not happen– and they wound up getting into a major fight. During that, her boyfriend detailed how since he is new to writing raps, he “requires total freedom.” Then, he even accused her of taking that freedom away from him.

The entire time, though, she revealed how she just could not get over how shocked she was. She could not believe that her boyfriend would be okay with “embarrassing her like that.”

What she means is that she never signed up to be the girlfriend of someone who disrespects her and women in general in songs. And it just makes her really uncomfortable to hear her boyfriend singing about other women in derogatory ways.

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