Her Aunts Expect Her To Share Her Inheritance With Them, But She Doesn’t Want To

Wrangler - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

It always saddens me to see family members argue over estate-related things after a loved one dies. Unfortunately, to some people, dealing with someone’s will is a higher priority than taking the time to grieve them. 

One woman is dealing with a lot of stress while her two aunts are trying to convince her to share what she inherited from her late mother. 

She’s 25-years-old and recently lost her mother to breast cancer. Everything her mom had, she left to her and her 35-year-old brother.

During the final years of her mom’s life, she’s been living in her apartment. When her mom passed, she left the apartment to her because it was imperative that she would always have a place to live. 

Her older brother had no issues with the situation, given that he earns a decent salary and owns his own unit in the same apartment complex.

However, two of her aunts aren’t pleased that she got to keep the apartment. One of them is struggling financially, and the other makes a stable income but not enough to help her sister. 

Her aunts think that since she makes enough money to rent a different apartment, she should let the struggling aunt live in the one her mom gave to her, then claimed that it’s what her mother would have wanted. 

“I said no, stating that my mother wanted me to have a place of my own,” she explained. “I am currently saving all the money I would have used on rent and intend to buy my own house when I have enough saved.”

Then, they went after the additional money her mother left her. 

Wrangler – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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