Her Boyfriend Got Really Close To Her Best Friend On St. Patrick’s Day, And She Can’t Get Over How Hurt She Feels

“I pushed my feelings past for the night as I honestly felt ashamed for being upset while my best friend was going through such a loss. My boyfriend isn’t an emotional person, and there’s been a time before I really needed him, and he wasn’t there for me at all, but that’s beside the point.”

“I felt very uncomfortable with how he was acting, but I’ve had jealousy problems in the past and don’t know if that’s just me overthinking things.”

The following day, she decided to speak to Jen about what had happened with her boyfriend, and Jen completely agreed with her that her boyfriend’s behavior was bizarre.

However, Jen didn’t want to say anything to upset her boyfriend, as she genuinely believed he was trying to be comforting and supportive.

She then attempted to speak to her boyfriend, who did apologize, before pointing out that he couldn’t understand why she was so upset when he was trying to comfort Jen in her time of grief.

“I know if we are to move past this, I need to be able to forgive him, but I don’t know if I can,” she said. “I keep replaying him and her over and over in my head, and I’ve been so depressed these past few days.”

“It really hurt to see him do that. I don’t want to let him go as he’s been amazing in every other way, and we are so compatible in every way. I just don’t know if there will ever be a time this won’t be in the back of my head.”

Do you think this is worth breaking up over?

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