Her Boyfriend Made Her Pay For Her Own Birthday Dinner And Claimed He Couldn’t Afford To Buy Her A Gift, But Then Purchased Himself A New Game In Front Of Her On Their Drive Home

She claimed that the problem is not just her boyfriend’s low paycheck, though. Instead, she pointed out how her boyfriend is just not that great at saving money.

When he was a kid, he reportedly grew up living a lavish lifestyle and became accustomed to spending money on things he did not need instead of putting funds into savings.

So, she has tried to give her boyfriend budgeting tips over the years. For instance, telling him not to buy $100-worth of groceries if he is going to order takeout every week because then, all of the food in his fridge will go to waste.

“But he refuses to accept [my tips] because “I am an adult, I know how to take care of myself.’ So I’ve been just keeping my mouth shut,” she said.

Weeks ago, though, her boyfriend told her that he could not afford to do anything special for her birthday because he wasn’t going to have enough money to pay his bills. And at the time, she completely understood that.

She told her boyfriend it was completely fine and that she understood. Plus, she claimed that all she wanted was to just spend some time together.

She had no clue why her boyfriend wound up picking an expensive restaurant that he definitely could not afford for their dinner date, though.

Then, once her own family’s birthday celebration came around, she was even more shell-shocked.

Apparently, her family decided to go out for a celebratory dinner on the actual day of her birthday. So, her boyfriend attended the dinner with her as well.

Once the meal wrapped up, though, everyone was heading back to her family’s house when her boyfriend wanted to stop at the store on the way. And to her total surprise, he only stopped because he wanted to buy a game for himself!

“I already knew he couldn’t afford to give me a birthday gift because he needed to save money, but somehow, he was able to buy a game for himself in front of me on my birthday but couldn’t get me a $5 candle or even write me a card?” she asked.

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