Her Boyfriend Said That She Looked Pretty Fat One Day, And Now She’s Left Feeling Really Insecure

Mego-studio - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 18-year-old girl has a boyfriend who is the same age as her, and a few evenings ago, her boyfriend said something incredibly hurtful to her.

She was talking to her boyfriend on the phone when he literally told her that she “looked really fat” that day.

She felt blindsided by his words, and she ended up hanging up the phone, as she had no clue how to even begin to respond.

Later on, her boyfriend sent her a text brushing it all off as him just “joking” around. He also claimed to have not meant what he said.

However, she’s convinced he did mean what he said because she knows she has gained a few pounds over the last month.

She’s currently taking exams in school, and she hasn’t had enough time to get to the gym, which is the reason for her weight gain.

Now, she says she’s not by any means heavy or not healthy. She is still entirely fit, even though she put weight on.

And although she and her boyfriend tease one another about a ton of things, her weight has never been something they joked around about in the past.

“I knew I looked bigger than usual,” she explained. “I kept going to the bathroom every 10 minutes to try to fix my clothes and make sure I look fine.”

Mego-studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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