Her Daughter’s Daycare Teacher Issued A Verbal Warning After She Refused To Make Her Daughter Finish Cleaning Up Before Leaving At The End Of The Day

Tyler Olson - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman’s 2-year-old daughter has been attending a home daycare for a couple of months now. And she believes that her daughter’s teacher, Sasha, is really great.

The only thing she took an issue with, though, was how long it took to actually complete the pick-up process.

She realized that whenever she arrived to take her daughter home, Sasha would expect her daughter to finish cleaning up any toys she had been playing with.

Now, she really does not think teaching kids responsibility for their own items is a bad thing.

“I am normally all for my daughter cleaning her own messes,” she said.

But, Sasha making her daughter clean every time she shows up at daycare just delays her actually heading out the door and traveling home to make their plans.

So, once she realized this kept happening, she decided to start texting Sasha when she was a few minutes away.

That way, she could ask the teacher to begin getting her daughter ready to leave. And at first, that actually worked out quite well.

When she arrived, her daughter would be already wearing a jacket and simply reading a book– which is much easier to put away as opposed to a massive Duplo project.

Tyler Olson – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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