Her Ex-Fiancé Called Off Their Engagement And Ghosted Her Five Months Ago, But Had The Nerve To Reach Back Out Again On Social Media This Week

In fact, she changed her job, gave up on her dreams, got rid of her pets, and even sacrificed her social life to make her ex-fiancé happy.

“He didn’t want me to go out much, and I had a curfew with him because what kind of decent woman goes out after 9:00 p.m.?” she said sarcastically.

On top of that, she put up with Greg’s attitude even though she knew he was giving her the bare minimum. And while she realized that was dumb, she just really loved him and tried to give him everything.

So, after Greg ghosted her for two weeks and their engagement ended, her heart shattered.

She was forced to pick herself up from rock bottom– literally scheduling time for herself to break down twice a day at work.

“I watched videos about breakup advice just to keep myself together,” she added.

“And it was a fight with myself, and I tried my best to keep it under control while venting out every time that I could.”

Still, while she tried to focus on herself, she could not help but see Greg posting on social media– appearing as though he had been having the time of his life ever since they broke up.

And now, just as she started to move on five months later, Greg has come crawling back.

This week, he actually had the nerve to follow her again on social media and send her a message. Honestly, though, she just stared at his text.

In the past, she would have felt the urge to reply immediately. But that has completely changed. Yes, she still feels a little sting, but she admitted to mostly feeling disgusted by her ex-fiancé.

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