Her Ex-Husband Lied To Her About The Start Time Of His Daughter’s Birthday Party Just So He Could Announce His New Wife Was Pregnant, So She Left With Their Son And Didn’t Bring Him Back For His Half-Sister’s Party

svittlana - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

While this woman was married to her ex-husband, he had an affair and wound up telling her about it. So, they ultimately got a divorce, and her ex got remarried to his mistress.

Unfortunately, though, she and her ex had already had a son together. So, they now have split custody– which got pretty messy last month.

It all began about three weeks ago when it was her week to have her son. And at that point, she received a call from her ex’s wife.

“Who said that she had just realized her daughter’s birthday was on my week,” she recalled.

For context, her ex and his new wife had a child together– meaning that her ex’s daughter is her son’s half-sister.

So anyway, her ex’s wife wound up asking her to either bring her son to his half-sister’s first birthday party or drop him off the night before. Then, her ex’s wife claimed that they would bring her son back the following morning.

Now, she claims that she had no problem with her son attending his half-sister’s birthday. But, she thought that her ex’s wife was acting very entitled about the whole thing.

“She presented me with two ‘options’ when I did not have to do either,” she explained.

“So, I said I would think about it, and she got huffy and said my son had to be at his little sister’s party.”

svittlana – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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