Her Friend Asked Her To Give An Opinion On The Guy That She’s Seeing, And She Was Honest With Her, But Being So Truthful Angered Her Friend Big Time

“All of her friends are sitting back, just waiting for this to end badly, but none of us believe in giving advice unless asked, so we are just trying to be supportive.”

“Well, I guess she is self-conscious or something since no one has really given their opinions, but we were all hanging out, and she asked my opinion of their relationship and it turning into long-term.”

Before replying, she questioned her friend if she was serious, and her friend insisted that she wanted to hear her thoughts.

Well, she was honest and didn’t hold back. She informed her friend that this guy had not changed at all in the months they spent apart, and she believes this guy is only with her to fill up his time until he moves.

She kept saying that maybe the long-distance thing will work for a bit, but this guy will eventually move on and find a new life where she doesn’t fit in.

“And then he will probably get tired of maintaining a long-distance relationship, but since he isn’t adult enough to end it himself, he will probably just do what he did before and start pulling away from her and becoming more and more distant,” she said.

“Then she will start spiraling down into the “what is going on, I don’t understand” canyon (again). And he will push her until she finally dumps him. Then she will probably never hear from him again.”

The rest of their friends who heard her opinion were all in agreement. Her friend did not appreciate her honesty, and being so truthful angered her friend big time.

Her friend yelled at her and all their other friends, accusing them of being fake and not supporting her relationship.

Her friend then left, and not a single one of them have heard a peep from her after that. She has noticed that her friend has posted a ton of friendship and relationship quotes on social media yet will not reply to any messages she sends her.

She’s left wondering if it was not ok for her to give her friend her honest opinion even though her friend did ask her to do this.

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