Her Friend Invited Her To Her Wedding, But Then Turned Around And Expected Her To Work The Event As A Security Guard

innarevyako - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Can you imagine being invited to a friend’s wedding only to be asked if you can be there as an employee instead of a guest?

One woman is unsure of what to do after her friend asked her to work as a security guard at her wedding last minute. 

She’s a 22-year-old police officer and is friends with a woman named Casey, who she’s known since middle school. Although they were never the closest friends, they always had a good relationship and stayed in touch over the years. 

Recently, Casey invited her to her upcoming wedding. Of course, she said yes, and has been looking forward to it. 

However, at a recent girl’s night, she got roped into playing a different role at the wedding, which she didn’t want to do.

She was hanging out with Casey and a few other friends when Casey told the group she was having trouble finding someone to act as a security guard at her wedding.

She wanted to hire security because she’s been worried about her ex showing up and causing a scene.

“Now Casey knows that I’m a police officer, but she doesn’t know that I pull private security jobs some days on my time off to make a little extra money,” she explained. “One of our friends at the table, we’ll call her Sarah, knows that I do security and brought it up, saying that I should consider doing it.”

When everyone else left, Casey asked her if she’d be the security guard at her wedding and offered to pay her. 

innarevyako – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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