Her Friend Takes Advantage Of Her And Always Expects Her To Pay For Things When They Go Out, So When Her Friend Finally Paid For A Pizza And Asked Her To To Give Her Money For It, She Snapped

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Bank-to-bank transfer apps like Venmo have been a lifesaver for many of us these days. They make it so much easier to split costs with friends, make sure we pay people back, and vice-versa. They can save friend groups from a lot of stress. 

However, one recent Venmo transaction may have just potentially broken the relationship between a woman and her friend. 

She’s been friends with a 30-year-old woman named Dawn for a long time. She and Dawn have quite different things going on in their lives.

Dawn works full-time but doesn’t make that much money, and she doesn’t have a license or car to get around in. 

She makes a lot more money than Dawn and has a car. Therefore, she tends to be generous when she goes out.

“I’ve always been someone who doesn’t mind picking up the tab, driving, hosting, cooking, etc., and do these things without any expectation of anything in return,” she explained. “My love language is acts of service and giving.”

However, she’s started noticing that Dawn doesn’t even bring money with her whenever they go out anymore, automatically assuming she would pay the bill for her every time. Whenever she asks Dawn if they can split a bill, Dawn reminds her of how “poor” she is.

“This made me uncomfortable and honestly annoyed because Dawn is not poor,” she said. “Dawn just lives like she’s a millionaire.” 

Dawn lives a pretty nice life. She orders a lot of Ubers, gets a lot of DoorDash deliveries, goes out to a lot of bars, etc. However, she won’t stop talking about her supposed financial troubles. 

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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