Her Husband Likes To Clean Their House In The Middle Of The Night While She’s Asleep, And It’s Infuriating To Her

However, instead of trying a new cleaning time to help out his wife, he kept doing it at the worst time.

Finally, she snapped when he woke up the entire family at 3:00 am, making the baby cry, the dogs bark, and her incredibly angry. 

She texted him and asked that he stop being so inconsiderate of their sleep. He accused her of being inconsiderate and pointed out how he was doing it for their family. Why can’t he just do it at a normal hour?

“I feel like I’m reacting like any normal person would, exasperated and being repeatedly ignored on the most basic consideration to minimize disruption, and he feels I’m unappreciative and rude,” she added.

How do you think they could resolve this issue?

You can view the original post on Reddit here. 

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