Her Husband Made A Rude Comment About Her Sister’s Fiancé Needing “Luck” After Her Sister Announced Their Engagement, But She Didn’t Speak Up, And Now Her Sister Wants An Apology

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In the past, this woman detailed how her husband used to get along great with her family. Well, that was until her sister apparently falsely accused him of cheating on her. After that, her husband did not like her sister anymore– which is pretty understandable.

“But he is usually civil towards her,” she added.

More recently, though, her sister just got engaged and announced the news to her entire family. And while everyone started to congratulate her sister, her husband decided to turn to her sister’s fiancé and say something pretty rude.

“Good luck, you’ll need it marrying her,” her husband said to her future brother-in-law.

She was immediately taken aback that her husband would ever say something like that– especially in front of her parents!

But she did not end up saying anything about the comment at the time because she just didn’t want to fight with her husband in front of everyone.

Still, her sister was clearly upset that she wasn’t speaking up. In fact, her sister apparently kept “giving her a look” as if she was expected to reprimand her husband.

She refrained from saying anything at all, though. So, eventually, her sister just decided to handle it herself and just yelled at her husband.

And after that, she realized that she and her husband staying at the engagement announcement was not going to help the situation whatsoever. So, she wound up leaving.

Africa Studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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