Her Husband Made A Rude Comment About Her Sister’s Fiancé Needing “Luck” After Her Sister Announced Their Engagement, But She Didn’t Speak Up, And Now Her Sister Wants An Apology

Ever since then, though, her sister has not stopped texting her about what happened. Apparently, her sister has mostly just been “taking digs” at her husband. But whenever she asks her sister to stop, her sister just gets angry at her and believes she is siding with her husband– even though he is in the wrong.

Things between them got even worse, too, after she told her sister she would not be going wedding dress shopping. Her sister wound up linking that decision to the engagement announcement situation and blamed her husband again.

Afterward, her sister also texted her husband directly about the shopping trip. Rather than trying to diffuse the situation, though, he just fanned the flames.

“[He said] he wouldn’t let me go, and she would be lucky if we even attended the wedding,” she revealed.

She has since spoken with her husband, asking him to quit making everything worse. And thankfully, he agreed to stop responding to her sister’s text messages.

But her sister still wants her to force her husband to apologize for the comment. Her sister is also urging her to go wedding dress shopping in order to prove her husband is in the wrong– even though she feels that would not be right.

Nonetheless, with her sister still upset, she has been left wondering not defending her sister against her husband’s comment in the first place was a really jerky thing to do or not.

Can you understand why her husband is no longer a fan of her sister after he got accused of cheating? At the same time, did that warrant him embarrassing her sister in a public setting? Do you think she should have stood up for her sister from the beginning? If not, what would you have done?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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