Her Husband’s Ex-Wife Recently Showed Up Seeking Custody Of Their Daughter After Leaving Her Husband To Raise Their Baby Alone While Going To Live With Another Man In A Different State

Shockingly, though, her husband’s conversation with his ex did not even last a full hour. Apparently, the ex just began by trying to backtrack and explain why she left their family in the first place.

Her husband’s ex revealed how she had just been confused and really regrets leaving. Also, the man her husband’s ex cheated with reportedly wound up being abusive.

“She also said that after she left, she found out she was pregnant and that the baby was probably my husband’s,” she added.

But then, her husband’s ex decided not to go through with having that baby. On top of all this information, though, her husband detailed how his ex also tried to flirt with him and even invited him back to her house.

After learning that, she just couldn’t fathom how unbelievable his ex was.

During their conversation, though, her husband did eventually ask his ex if she could just get to the point. And then, he learned that his ex really just wanted to meet their daughter.

“This was exactly what we feared,” she said.

Her husband wound up telling his ex that she could go to court– because, at the end of the day, that’s the only way her husband will ever allow his ex to see his daughter.

His ex did not back down, though, and claimed that she planned to go to court and ask for her custody time.

So now, her husband has been devastated.

Ever since they got home from the meeting, he has not stopped crying. She even had to take his daughter to her sister’s house to spend the night– because they still had not filled her husband’s daughter in on the situation. Plus, they simply don’t want his daughter to see them like this.

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