Her Mother-In-Law Constantly Shames Her For How “Messy” Her Home Is, So She Finally Called Her Mother-In-Law Out But Simultaneously Threw Her Husband Under The Bus

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This woman and her husband have been together for two years, and they currently live in a home that she bought using her mother’s inheritance money.

Unfortunately, though, she does not have the greatest relationship with her mother-in-law– who constantly comments on how messy their home is.

She cannot understand what her mother-in-law is talking about, either, since it is just her and her husband living in the house.

Plus, the comments and criticism particularly upset her because they are always directed toward her specifically.

Not to mention, her mother-in-law even brings up the comments in front of other people and constantly puts her on the spot.

“My mother-in-law also seems to forget that I’m pregnant and still work while her son covers two night shifts every week,” she added.

During a dinner at her mother-in-law’s home just last week, though, she was finally pushed over the line.

It all began after everyone sat down to eat, and her mother-in-law decided to bring up how “messy” her house had been during their last visit.

Afterward, her mother-in-law proceeded to lecture her for 30 minutes about the cleanliness of her house before actually shaming her for her home.

Prostock-studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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