Her Mother-In-Law Nearly Sabotaged Her Wedding By Impersonating Her And Trying To Change Her Wedding Dress Order, So She Uninvited Her Mother-In-Law

So, quite frankly, she and her fiancé got sick and tired of her mother-in-law’s tendency to intervene. And after a while, they decided to politely shut down her mother-in-law’s suggestions and reiterate that they had everything under control.

Still, when it came time to go wedding dress shopping, she “regretfully” decided to invite her mother-in-law to come– because, while she was not thrilled about the idea, she also didn’t want her mother-in-law feeling left out.

Ever since they went dress shopping a few weeks ago, though, a ton of drama has unfolded.

Apparently, it all began on the day of her gown search– when she went with her own mother, her mother-in-law, and some close friends.

Then, while shopping, she reportedly found her ultimate dream dress. She detailed how she naturally has a curvy, hourglass figure– and the gown she found showed off her curves perfectly and made her feel totally gorgeous.

“The dress is kind of revealing– low cut on the chest and mermaid style– but it is nothing I would be ashamed of my family and friends seeing me in,” she explained.

Well, unfortunately, her mother-in-law wound up totally hating the dress she picked out– and her mother-in-law made sure she knew that.

In fact, her mother-in-law even decided to say, “This is a wedding, not a…club. I don’t like it.”

Regardless, she was over the unwanted opinions and decided to just buy the dress anyway. After all, she was the only person paying for it.

But then, just a couple of days ago, she and her fiancé were cleaning up after eating dinner when she received a call from the dress shop.

Apparently, they were very concerned because a lady– her mother-in-law– had called the shop pretending to be her. And while doing that, her mother-in-law tried to switch the wedding gown she chose to a “more appropriate dress.”

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