Her Niece Packed Her Favorite Toys In Her Dad’s Suitcase When He Went On Vacation, And Her Dad Made Adorable Videos Of Their Adventures

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Grandparents can play many roles in their grandchildren’s lives. They can be teachers, caregivers, and the best playmates. One thing’s for sure–a grandparent’s love knows no bounds.

And this fact was established when one grandpa went the extra mile to put a smile on his granddaughter’s face with an endearing project involving Peppa Pig.

TikTok creator Tanya (@lifeoftanyamarie) documented her father bringing Peppa and the piglet’s entire family along on their vacation. She shared the videos online, making hearts melt all over the internet.

It all began after Tanya’s father, David, discovered the toys that Tanya’s five-year-old niece, Lisette, had smuggled into his suitcase.

Since then, the loving grandfather had been filming a story of the pig family’s adventures that he planned to show Lisette when he returned from his vacation.

In a video posted to TikTok that has received over thirteen million views, Tanya recorded her father having fun with the figurines at the pool.

Then, after some time in the water, they did a bit of sunbathing. All four pigs were lined up on a lounge chair, looking super relaxed.

Next, they all went out to a nice restaurant where the pigs enjoyed some delicious steak and quesadillas. And just when you thought the whole situation couldn’t get any cuter, it did!

While they were eating, Tanya captured her dad expressing excitement about the activities he had planned to spend even more time with Peppa, George, and their parents after the meal.

AS Photo Family – – illustrative purposes only

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