Her Older Sister Recently Tried To Claim That She Raised Her And Her Twin Brother, So She Called Her Out, And Now Her Sister Is Furious With Her

However, her duties as an older sister often didn’t go past having to drive her siblings around. Their grandparents were mostly responsible for babysitting; if they couldn’t, their parents would hire a different sitter before asking Riley to do it. 

“I always was in charge of driving them places,” Riley told her parents. “School, our sporting events, everywhere. That was completely unfair to me. People now call that parentification. So, I’m the one that should be proud.”

She and Mark snapped back at Riley, telling her that she only drove her siblings places where she also needed to be.

She told Riley the fact that she thinks what she did as a teenager was parentification proves how “awful” of a sister she is. And now, Riley is furious with her.

“She told me I had no idea what it’s like to have to drive to school with your younger siblings, and to be honest, she’s right,” she said. “My mom didn’t comment, but she did say that I shouldn’t have engaged with her comment.”

She’s beginning to feel bad about what she said to Riley and wants to apologize. 

How do you think these siblings can repair their relationship?

You can read the original post on Reddit here. 

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