Her Parents And Sister Are Trying To Guilt-Trip Her Out Of Going On A Trip Abroad Because She Won’t Be Home To Babysit Her Niece On The Weekends

Once she goes abroad, though, she obviously will not be able to babysit her niece anymore.

Now, she knew that was a given. But one day, her sister apparently made a joke about her not being able to babysit anymore.

Then, her parents began asking her a ton of questions about her travels and suddenly asked what she was going to do about her niece.

The question caught her off guard, and honestly, she was just confused. So, she asked her parents to elaborate, and they kind of guilt-tripped her.

“Apparently, two years old is an important time in a child’s life, and they said my niece wouldn’t remember me when I got home,” she explained.

“They want me to shorten my non-refundable trip and come home earlier, so I don’t miss out on any milestones.”

Quite frankly, though, she wound up telling her parents that simply was not possible. She also made it clear that her decision was final.

Her parents did not stop, though, and just continued trying to make her feel guilty. They even got her grandparents involved in the situation.

So now, the only person supporting her decision to travel is her 30-year-old brother, who never really sees her niece except for on special occasions.

Plus, on top of guilting her about her niece, her parents have also begun bringing up her layoff and financial security.

While she did not want to brag, though, she did detail how she is pretty well set for a 27-year-old. First of all, she has no loans, no current apartment, and has paid off all other “big things.” And in her savings account, she has enough money to live off of for a year without having to work.

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