Her Parents Charged Her $900 In Rent After She Babysat Her Brother For Free At Their House For 2 Whole Weeks, So She Clapped Back And Charged Them Over $5,000 For The Babysitting 

Eva - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This young woman is 23-years-old and admitted how she really does not get along with either her mom or her stepdad. With that being said, she would never willingly choose to stay over at their house except in the event of an emergency.

Just recently, though, her great-grandmother’s health was declining. And being that her great-grandma was “on her last legs,” her mother wanted to take a flight to have one last visit.

“And while I do not like my mom, I am also not a monster like her,” she said.

So, her parents wanted her to watch her little brother, who is 8-years-old, and she happily agreed.

Apparently, her other brother, who is 17, was unavailable since he works all day and sometimes even works nights. Her younger sister, who is 19, was also not an option– since her sister is “an irresponsible witch of a woman” who is just like her mother.

While she did agree to watch her little brother, though, she also gave her parents one condition– that her sister was not allowed to stay at the house while she was also there.

It appears as though her parents honored that condition, too, because she watched her little brother entirely alone for two whole weeks.

Ever since her parents recently got back from their trip, though, a ton of drama has ensued regarding her babysitting condition.

In fact, her parents actually had the nerve to charge her $900 and claim that it was two weeks’ worth of rent for the time she stayed at their house.

Eva – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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