Her Parents Said That They Wanted To Take An Expensive Family Vacation For Her 21st Birthday, So She Thought That Would Be Her Birthday Gift, But Then They Mentioned That She Has To Pay For Herself

artiemedvedev - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Can you imagine having your parents tell you they would book a family vacation in honor of your upcoming birthday but then expect you to pay your portion of the trip costs?

This is happening to one young woman who is in an ongoing argument with her parents after they revealed that she would have to pay for her expenses during every upcoming family vacation, then got upset with her when she said she couldn’t go. 

She’s 20 years old and recently graduated from a trade school. She lives with her parents and wants to start her own business one day. 

Her parents own a business themselves and have finally started making a comfortable amount of money. They want to start using their earnings to travel, booking nice resorts in different places. 

“Recently, they decided that we should travel as a family for Christmas instead of doing gifts,” she explained.

“I was under the assumption that since it’s for Christmas, that was going to be our Christmas gift. My parents revealed that they would be expecting me to pay for my portion of the trip.”

She calmly explained to them that since she didn’t have much money to spend on a vacation in the first place, she’d rather plan trips that were a little more off the grid and less extravagant than stay in fancy resorts.

She also added that since they suggested the trip “instead of gifts” at Christmas, she figured it would be her Christmas gift. 

Her parents clearly did not get the message and did the same thing to her recently. But this time, it had to do with her birthday instead of Christmas. 

artiemedvedev – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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