Her Parents Said That They Wanted To Take An Expensive Family Vacation For Her 21st Birthday, So She Thought That Would Be Her Birthday Gift, But Then They Mentioned That She Has To Pay For Herself

They recently secured a five to seven-day condo rental in Hawaii, which sounds fabulous. They asked if she’d like to go “for her 21st birthday” at the end of the summer. How amazing of a birthday gift does a trip to Hawaii sound?

However, the trip would not be a gift. It would just happen to fall around her birthday. Furthermore, her parents still expected her to pay her share of the trip costs, which she is not prepared to do. 

“I tried explaining I would much rather stay home and celebrate here to save more of my money,” she said. “But they said it was a family vacation and that it’s sad I don’t want to spend time with them.”

Her parents also accused her of “overreacting,” pointing out that she has money saved in her savings account. However, that is the money she wants to put towards her future business one day, not a trip. 

She is grateful for everything her parents have done for her throughout the years, but she still thinks it isn’t fair for them to expect her to pay for an expensive family trip. 

Do you think she should try reasoning with her parents or just stay home?

You can read the original post on Reddit here. 

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