Her Sister Doesn’t Want Her To Wear Makeup At Her Wedding, But She Insisted She Needed To Because Another Bridesmaid, Who Is A Burn Victim, Was Allowed

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This 24-year-old woman has a sister named Enca, who is 27. And for the most part, they usually get along quite well– except for when it came to one wedding decision.

Enca got engaged to her fiancé last October, and immediately afterward, the couple began planning their wedding.

So, she was asked to be her sister’s maid of honor a long time ago. Four other women were also asked to be bridesmaids.

She claims that her sister doesn’t really have the same interests as herself and the rest of the bridal party, though. In fact, Enca wound up choosing to have an outdoor beach-type ceremony that is a bit “out there.”

“I have no problem with this, but I didn’t quite realize how primitive she wanted it to be until yesterday,” she recalled.

That day, Enca showed her five different options for the bridesmaid dresses that were ivory one-size-fits-all. Each dress had different cut-outs and sleeves, and she was given the first choice as the maid of honor.

Quite frankly, though, she felt like the style of the dresses was incredibly tacky. Plus, the one dress she liked the most didn’t even end up fitting her comfortably. Still, she didn’t want to spoil her sister’s moment.

She also provided a bit of context and detailed how, in general, her sister is wildly unprepared for the wedding. Back in November, she told Enca to buy the bridesmaid dresses. But her sister didn’t listen to her.

Enca’s wedding dress is non-traditional as well since her sister will be wearing a handmade navy blue satin gown that was tailored by her fiancé’s mother.

GTeam – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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