Her Sister Got Kicked Out Of Her Apartment For Bad Behavior, But She’s Refusing To Let Her Sister Stay With Her

“Let’s just say that my sister wouldn’t have been able to walk in a straight line,” she revealed.

Following the accident, her sister then lost another rented apartment because she could not afford to pay rent. So, yet again, her sister asked to stay at her place. To be clear, though, she is not her sister’s only option. Instead, both of their parents– who are divorced– actually offered to let her sister stay with them.

“But she told them both that she already made arrangements with me without actually asking me,” she explained.

Now, she obviously does not want her sister to stay with her again, given her sister’s track record. However, her parents just don’t understand her perspective. Apparently, her parents actually accused her of being selfish for not helping her sister out in a time of need. But honestly, she is over her sister’s childish behavior.

“She has done this all her life– where she makes giant mistakes and expects everyone to drop everything for her,” she vented.

Still, with her parents and sister upset with her, she has been left wondering whether refusing to let her sister stay at her place is the wrong thing to do or not.

Is she required to open up her house to her sister if there are other safe places to stay– specifically her parents’ homes? Do you think she should feel bad about setting clear boundaries? Or would it be worse to enable her sister’s habits? What would you do in this situation? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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