Her Sister’s First Child Is Due On The Same Day As Her Wedding, And After She Told Her Mom She Has To Be There For Her Wedding Instead Of In The Hospital Room, It Divided Their Family

andrey - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

I’ve heard from different people in my life that relationships between sisters can sometimes be pretty complicated. For example, it’s common for sisters to fight over moments, victories, and attention at certain times. 

Two sisters have put their mother in a tricky situation, as one’s wedding date falls on her pregnant older sister’s due date.

The bride-to-be is the youngest of three sisters at 26-years-old. Her oldest sister, Natalie, is 29, and the middle child, Kimberly, is 27. 

Being that they’re so close in age, these three sisters have gone through significant life events at a similar time. They also try to plan out big occasions like weddings and births around each other so that everyone can have their own ‘special moment.’

For instance, Natalie and her husband married in 2019 but waited two years before having a baby due to the pandemic. Then, Kimberly strategically waited to get married and pregnant until after Natalie had her first child. 

While this was happening, the youngest got engaged and was ready to start planning her wedding. After she picked her date, she heard that Kimberly was trying to get pregnant.

She actually asked Kimberly if she would stop trying to get pregnant until her wedding was over. It will be a destination wedding. Therefore Kimberly won’t be able to fly if she’s expecting. 

Kimberly told her she’d consider all that but found out she was pregnant right after their conversation. 

The crazy thing is that her due date is the same day as her younger sister’s wedding. 

andrey – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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