Her Teenage Daughter Had A Meltdown After Trying On A Bridesmaid Dress She Was Supposed To Wear For Her Godmother’s Wedding

Natalia Chircova - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever been asked to participate in someone’s wedding party but hated what you had to wear at the altar?

One woman’s teenage daughter recently had a meltdown after trying on a bridesmaid dress she was supposed to wear for her godmother’s wedding. After some prying, her mom discovered the real reason behind her behavior. 

Her daughter Julie is 16-years-old, and they’ve been getting ready for her best friend, Cassie’s, wedding. Cassie is Julie’s godmother and asked her if she’d be a bridesmaid.

Initially, Julie was super excited until she tried on the dress along with all the other bridesmaids. 

Cassie’s fiancé has a different cultural background, so they plan on having the bridal party wear cultural dresses. Julie seemed really into the idea, as their family is always open to exploring and learning about new cultures, but her reaction when she tried on her dress was unexpected. 

It was a two-piece dress. The top piece was short, almost cropped, while the skirt was long and flowy. She thought it was beautiful but then looked at Julie, who started crying after trying it on. Julie told her it was too revealing. 

This didn’t make any sense to her, especially because Julie often wears crop tops as part of her personal style. Something else was definitely wrong. 

Julie asked Cassie if she could wear something else, but Cassie was set on the dress and could only offer an additional accessory for her to wear. So, Julie sulked the entire way home.

Then, when the wedding rehearsal dinner came around, she and Julie got into a big fight as Julie continued to say the only reason she was upset with the dress was that it was “too revealing.” Then, she told her that she was a terrible mom for making her it. 

Natalia Chircova – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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