Her Toddler Totally Creeped Her Out When He Started Talking About A Historical Event That She Didn’t Know About


“All the houses were just gone, and the library and a lot of people were hurt,” he continued. “It’s very sad.”

No one in the group had any idea what the little boy was talking about, so they immediately brought him into the restaurant and did some research on Google at the table. 

As it turns out, the little boy wasn’t making things up. There was a tornado in that area back in 1896. It was the ‘Great Cyclone of St. Louis,’ and it was the deadliest storm in the city. But, Kelse and her friends had never heard about it before.

Now, anyone could have taught this kid about the tornado, right? But Kelse has no idea where he could’ve heard this information.

To make things even creepier, the tornado didn’t blow through all of the city, but it did move right past the baseball stadium area. 

“Maybe he wasn’t remembering his past life, but someone else’s?” Kelse asks her viewers in confusion. “I don’t understand. Do kids just know things? It’s impossible that he could have known that.”

What do you think? Did Kelse’s son live through that tornado in a past life?


Do kids just know things? I’ve always seen it in movies but he says things so often that just absolutely creep me out with accuracy ? #pastlives #kidspastlives #momsoftiktok #haunted #formerlife #tornado #stlouis #stlouistornado #ghoststory

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