Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Wedding That Includes Children Instead Of Excludes Them

We all know that weddings are stressful for both the happy couple and most guests. But kids can be great conversation starters– bringing guests who don’t know each other together and creating a warm and welcoming environment for everyone.

2. Guest Accommodations

While brides and grooms may be the stars of the show, they still need to be considerate of their guests. In recent years, this has been done through increasing upfront communication about expectations, menu offerings that are cognizant of dietary restrictions, and sometimes even free transportation to the event.

But, perhaps one of the largest ways you can accommodate your guests who are parents is by allowing their kids to attend your wedding.

Even if you are a guest, going to a ceremony is still a cost-heavy endeavor. Attendees have to buy outfits, a wedding gift, and sometimes even fly in for the event.

So, if they have to leave their children behind with a babysitter, that is just another expense added to their attendance. Plus, the parents may not be as present and stress-free during your wedding if they are worrying about their kids at home.

By allowing kids to attend your big day, though, you cut out a lot of this anxiety. Parents can enjoy and celebrate the marriage with their children by their side. And perhaps they won’t have to leave as early to rush home and relieve their babysitter.

3. Children Are Part Of The Family

On a more sentimental note, kids are still a part of your family– no matter how young they might be. So, whether they realize it now or not, they will one day cherish the memory of being present at your nuptials.

Choosing not to invite your nieces, nephews, or cousins can also create family strife that is undoubtedly stressful during the wedding planning process.

So, you can look at having kids on your guest list as a positive– making everyone feel included.

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