Here’s How You Can Regrow Green Onions From The Ones You Just Bought In The Grocery Store

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If you love topping off your dishes with a scattering of fresh green onions, then here’s a way to ensure that you will always have them on hand.

The next time you use some green onions from the grocery store, don’t toss out the scraps. Instead, save that white bulbous portion with the roots attached to grow your own stalks of green onion.

TikToker @gardeningindoors is sharing the best method for growing green onions indoors. While she may not be able to advise you on how to raise chickens to produce your own eggs, she’s an expert on growing fresh vegetables in the home.

You’ve probably heard that you can grow green onions in just a glass of water. In fact, you may have even tried it out for yourself.

This approach is as simple as it gets. All you do is stick the bottom part of the onion into a jar of water. If you do choose to grow them in water, adding liquid plant food can help increase their longevity.

It will produce decent results, so if you ever find yourself in a pinch and you desperately need green onions, growing them in water will do the trick.

However, green onions actually grow better and faster in soil. So if you happen to have some potting soil, it’s recommended to plant your green onion roots in there.

Prepare a container by filling it with potting soil. Then, poke holes in the dirt and gently stick the green onions in them. Keep them by a window so they can get full sun.

The soil provides essential nutrients that help improve the quality of the vegetable and increases its life span. Therefore, they will grow larger and for more extended periods of time.

Atlas – – illustrative purposes only

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