He’s Not Sure If He Should Breakup With His Girlfriend Because She’s Constantly Negative, And It’s Dragging Him Down

New Africa - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This guy in his early thirties is currently in a long-distance relationship with his 24-year-old girlfriend, who he claims to truly love.

Apparently, his girlfriend has done so much more for him than any past partner ever had. She buys him thoughtful gifts and plans cute trips. He has also never opened himself up to anyone this deeply.

While he appreciates everything his girlfriend does for him, though, he cannot stand how negative his girlfriend constantly is.

Now, he recognizes that he is not exactly a super positive person either. But, his girlfriend is always stressed, tired, or overwhelmed– and tends to take that out on him.

“She will often snap at me and get irritated quickly,” he explained.

“And I just feel like I’m absorbing her negativity, and it makes me into a worse person and drags me down.”

He feels like this is particularly an issue during arguments– because anytime an issue gets brought up, she turns it into a fight. So, they can never just have mature and productive conversations.

His girlfriend has admitted to having anger issues, too. Yet, during the arguments, she doesn’t hold back. His girlfriend has even claimed to hate him during fights, listing every single thing she doesn’t like about him.

And according to him, his girlfriend always makes these comments with such hatred in her voice that he completely believes she has pent-up resentment against him.

New Africa – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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