He’s Not Sure If He Should Breakup With His Girlfriend Because She’s Constantly Negative, And It’s Dragging Him Down

Right afterward, though, his girlfriend then goes on to tell him everything she loves about him. She will also “joke” about him never doing enough or loving her enough.

“She says it literally every day or every other day but has admitted to me during a breakdown that she actually thinks that,” he revealed.

“I tell her that this hurts as I’m doing as much as possible during long distance, but she continues to say it.”

On top of that, his girlfriend constantly complains about how he doesn’t post her on his social media that often. Honestly, though, he claimed that he just does not really like using social media.

Plus, it’s not like his girlfriend posts him on her accounts, either. Yet, she has seen her liking posts about “what it means when guys don’t post you” and “signs your relationship is bad” on Twitter.

Finally, at the end of these arguments, his girlfriend always expects him to “chase her” after she hangs up the phone or exits a conversation. And his girlfriend claims this is just because he doesn’t make her feel wanted enough.

He recognizes that some of this behavior stems from his girlfriend’s childhood because she grew up in a household with angry and toxic parents.

Apparently, his girlfriend realizes this, too, and tells him that she is working on it. But she still refuses to go to therapy and claims that he needs to accept her for how she is instead of trying to change her.

“Which to me is true and just makes me wonder if we’re just not compatible, and she needs someone more strong-minded, I guess,” he vented.

“It’s definitely a ‘walking on eggshells’ feeling.”

So, he is really just not sure what to do. On the one hand, his girlfriend has treated him well in every other way, and he really believes they have similar interests and goals in life.

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