He’s Refusing To Honor His Wife’s Promise Of Caring For Her Parents In Their Old Age Because His Wife Passed Away Three Years Ago, And He Wants To Focus On Raising Their Children

And following her death, his in-laws took the loss especially hard– particularly his mother-in-law, who reportedly fell into a deep depression.

He claimed that his mother-in-law basically “became a recluse,” and neither she nor his father-in-law has really been involved in his family’s life since the car accident.

Recently, though, his father-in-law retired and reached out to him about honoring his wife’s promise to take care of them. Honestly, though, he was candid and just told his father-in-law that there was no way he could honor that promise.

Now, his father-in-law did not take that well and started getting very upset– claiming that it was his responsibility as his wife’s husband to follow through on the promise.

But, he tried to explain how he already has three children to care for and provide for. So, he simply does not have the time, energy, or resources to take on the care of two additional people.

In spite of his explanation, though, his father-in-law just did not understand and actually told him off.

“My father-in-law told me I was disgracing my wife’s honor and memory and that he knew it was a mistake for her to marry outside of her culture,” he revealed.

Thankfully, a few days later, his father-in-law did call him to apologize and admitted to acting irrationally. His father-in-law also claimed to be sure that they could “work something out” that would benefit everyone involved.

Quite frankly, though, he was confused by that and asked what his father-in-law meant. Then, he learned that his in-laws had an entirely different plan that involved living together.

More specifically, his in-laws wanted to go live with him and his three kids. That way, they would help out with the children while he still honored his wife’s promise of caring for her parents.

He really did not like that idea either, though, and was forced to tell his father-in-law no again.

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