His 24-Year-Old Brother Is Dating A Woman 2 Decades Older Than He Is, And After He Said This Woman Should’t Come To Their Friend’s Birthday Party, His Brother Got Upset

AnnaDemy - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man has a 24-year-old brother who is currently in a relationship with a woman 2 decades older than he is, and they started dating several months ago.

His brother works as a personal trainer, and his brother wound up meeting the woman he’s dating at the gym.

Recently, he and his sister questioned his brother about his relationship and where it’s even headed, and his brother maintained that he’s just trying to have a nice time for the here and now.

He understands that, and he believes his brother is of the age where it makes sense not to want a committed, long-term relationship.

So, he and his brother have a lot of the same friends, and when his brother started seeing this woman, his brother never invited her to come along to any of their social events.

Lately, though, his brother has been saying he would like to bring the woman that he’s seeing with them to all of their gatherings.

What he finds strange is that his brother never refers to this woman as his girlfriend or anything; he only refers to her by her first name and nothing more.

“The problem is that nobody really cares for her presence,” he explained. “She’s very much into her physical appearance and making videos and pics of gym selfies, by the pool, or travel, and sometimes including my brother in them like a prop with hashtags about their age gap.”

“She has an established career, but she’s also not been the most personable. When our parents met her, my mom being the way moms are, asked if she had been married or anything previously, and she snipped back at my mom in a way that I and my sister didn’t care about.”

AnnaDemy – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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