His Brother Was A Bad Tenant After Already Paying A Breakeven Rent Rate, So He Decided To Sell The House That His Brother’s Family Was Renting And Evict Them

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A few years ago, this guy’s brother needed some living arrangement help. So, he generously decided to allow his brother to move into one of his rental properties.

Now, the entire rental was done legally– with a lease agreement and everything. But he did decide to rent his brother the home at a breakeven point, meaning that he did not make any profit.

Due to this, he and his brother agreed that his brother would be the one responsible for maintaining the house as well as the yard.

It was not just his brother that moved into the home, though. It was actually his brother, his sister-in-law, and his brother’s four children.

So, the hot water tank was not sufficient to support the water demands, and his brother wound up wanting a new one.

He was not opposed to this, either, and told his brother to go ahead with installing a new hot water tank.

But, it appears his brother did not understand their initial agreement– because after the hot water tank installation was complete, his brother deducted the cost of the tank and the service from that month’s rent payment.

At that point, he reminded his brother of their agreement– that he was responsible for all maintenance costs.

However, his brother refused to make any improvements to his property for free. And he took great issue with that statement.

bmak – – illustrative purposes only

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