His Girlfriend Always Buys Him Ridiculous Birthday Presents That He Doesn’t Like, And After She Gifted Him His Latest Present, He Tossed It Right In The Trash

She was upset that he didn’t want to give it a try. He understands his actions were harsh, but he’s beyond frustrated.

Eventually, his girlfriend admitted that she gets him gifts she’ll end up using so she can at least say that she “tried” to do something nice for him.

Then, his girlfriend added that she knew he’d hate the pencil lengthener and would end up using it for herself once he had gotten over it.

When he asked her if she’d like him to start making her “birthday wishlists” so she’d know exactly what to get him, she said she’d never look at them.

“She’s still upset and has even got both of our parents to berate me for trashing the gift,” he explained.

Should he feel bad for throwing out the birthday gift?

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