His Girlfriend Had Plans To Go Out With Her Friends, But He Didn’t Let Her Leave The House Until She Finished Washing The Dishes

meteoritka - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Remember when you were a kid, and your parents wouldn’t let you leave the house without finishing your chores? How would you react if your partner did that to you as an adult?

A man recently told his girlfriend she couldn’t borrow his car and leave the house without washing the dishes. After learning about how she’s been treating him over the last few weeks, it’s not too difficult to understand why he did it.

He’s been living with his 25-year-old girlfriend for five months. They had a system with their household chores where each of them was responsible for washing the dishes on certain days of the week.

Everything was going great until, out of nowhere, she started refusing to wash her share of dirty dishes. 

She would not wash any of their dirty dishes for two straight weeks. He tried talking to her to see why she wasn’t pulling her weight, but whenever he did, she would accuse him of nagging her and always told him she’d “get to them later.”

However, she never did. So the dishes kept piling up, and he had to continuously clean up after her.

“I have to step up and do them after they’re literally overflowing in the sink,” he explained.

It got to the point where he became furious and frustrated. He would understand if she didn’t have the opportunity to wash the dishes the night she was supposed to, but she refuses to clean them the next day too.

The other night, there was a massive pile of dirty dishes in the sink that she was supposed to clean but didn’t. 

meteoritka – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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