His Girlfriend Is Mad Because She Feels He Didn’t Pay Her Enough Attention While He Was Taking Care Of His Sick Mom

“I passed out around 8:00 pm on my sister’s couch, feeling exhausted and just hurting over the situation in general,” he recalled.

“It’s tough to see how quickly my mom’s health has declined. I woke up to a text from my girlfriend saying she was very sad we could not talk in the evening.”

He did his best to stay in touch with his girlfriend the following day. He remembered she had a cold, so he texted her to see how she was feeling.

But she didn’t answer him for seven hours. When she finally did, she only said that her cold was bad and didn’t ask how he or his mom was doing. Once again, she also got upset with him for not calling. When they finally got on the phone together, he was scolded for not staying in touch with her more. 

“She wanted to hear me apologize for not communicating,” he explained. “I told her I was really hurting and could use her support, but she told me she was too hurt by what I had done to be there for me. It made my head spin. How was I to know she wanted me to text more while she said nothing? “

They spoke on the phone for two hours but never reached a resolution. His girlfriend was still upset over the lack of communication.

He felt like he wanted to cry. He eventually told her that he might need a break from her if all they would do was fight. She felt like he didn’t care about her feelings and hung up. Now, he’s unsure of what to do about their relationship.

How should he approach the situation with his girlfriend if she’s not supporting him?

You can read the original post on Reddit here. 

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