His Girlfriend Secretly Bought His Son A Skateboard For His Birthday, And Now He’s Blaming Her For His Son’s Injury

“I was confused, had no idea what was happening,” he said. “I immediately drove to the hospital.”

When he arrived at the hospital, his girlfriend admitted that she secretly bought his son a skateboard for his birthday three months ago.

She had been watching his son and letting him ride it whenever he left the house. His son dislocated his shoulder at a skate park she took him to for practice. 

His girlfriend made his son promise not to tell him about the skateboard. He was furious, and so was his ex-girlfriend, who had also rushed to the hospital. His current girlfriend apologized, but it was too late – they were both fuming. 

When he confronted his girlfriend later, she explained why she bought his son the skateboard. 

“She simply said she just wanted to make my son happy, and she argued that she never let him skate alone,” he remembered. “She was always with him.”

Although his girlfriend didn’t have ill intentions, he still couldn’t get over the fact that she did everything behind his back and lashed out. He called her a name and told her it was her fault his son was injured. Now, they’re hardly talking to one another. 

Should he have been less harsh with his girlfriend, or was his reaction valid?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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