His Girlfriend Wants To Move In With Him, But Only If He Will Put Her Name On The Deed Of The House That He Already Owns

Mangostar - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

It’s one thing when you buy a house and eventually invite your partner to live with you. It’s another when they want to move in and ask to have their name added to the deed of the house.

One man is unsure of what to do after his girlfriend wanted to put her name on the deed of his house when she moves in with him. 

He’s 35-years-old and has been with his girlfriend since the beginning of 2021. He really appreciates his girlfriend and said they have a lovely relationship.

In 2020, he excitedly became a homeowner after buying and renovating a house for himself. His girlfriend wasn’t living with him at the time but was very supportive and a big help with the renovations. 

Now, they’re considering moving in together, but she proposed something he wasn’t expecting. 

“Recently, she offered to move in and, in moving in, she wanted to be placed on the deed. I told her I would think about it,” he recalled.

When he invited her to move in, he figured it would be a more laidback situation where she didn’t even have to pay half of the mortgage. He just thought she could contribute in other ways, like paying for groceries. 

He knows she would like to get married one day, and he does too. They’re just not quite ready yet. He thought that if there were ever a time for her to sign the deed on his house, they’d be married. 

After feeling very apprehensive about adding his girlfriend to the deed, he looked into a ‘tenancy at will’ situation instead. 

Mangostar – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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